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VCH x Minka Chalcedony + Amazonite Necklace

This impactful colour combination is one of our favourites; it works perfectly with denim, a white shirt and is great for any holiday!

Amazonite was loved by the Egyptians and is said to be a stone of truth. Here we've complimented it with chalcedony, another treasured gemstone of the ancient world.
Amazonite can encourage one to be optimistic, whilst Chalcedony offers calm and positivity to the wearer.

This interchangeable, multifunctional beaded necklace comes with two clasps and a removable solid gold disc in 14k yellow. Each 8mm bead is hand knotted with a colourful thread of your choice, to add a pop of colour.

The disc can be engraved with one initial; please allow 7 working days for the engraving.

Other purchasable strands can be added, transcending seasons and outfit choices.

Necklace is 51cm /20 inches
Disc is 20mm /0.78 inches

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