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Les Trois Vallées: 3.08ct Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring

18kt Yellow Gold
3.08ct Sapphire - No heat, Sri Lankan 
0.50ct Diamonds

 This beautiful hand made ring is set with the most incredible yellow cushion cut, 'no heat' Sri Lankan Sapphire, sat between two round white diamonds and set in a three 18k yellow gold band. 

What is 'No Heat' - A sapphire is commonly heated to help improve colour (this is no bad thing and totally accepted in the trade). A 'no heat' stone has been left untreated, meaning it has come out of the ground with intense colour. Approximately only 0.5 - 1% of the sapphires discovered are of gem quality without treatment. Natural, untreated sapphires are far more uncommon and valuable than treated and chemically altered stones.

Size M

We continue to make new pieces of this design and price is very dependent on the sapphire used - please understand that the price will vary from ring to ring and we continue to update the images of each new piece in the lifestyle shots.