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Berlin: Blue Tourmaline Ring

2.75ct Tourmaline
18kt Yellow Gold

Our Berlin collection distils the beauty and glamour of 1920s Berlin into a series of dazzling cocktail rings, all crafted from 18kt Yellow Gold. Each piece features a vibrant, geometrically cut gemstone to reflect the linear forms that dominated the Bauhaus movement of the time and is inscribed with a hand-engraved feather as a nod to the city’s infamously opulent cabaret scene.

A member of the Elbaite family, Tourmaline comes in a range of vibrant colours and sits at 7-7.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale, making them hard wearing and suitable for daily-wear. Known as Indicolite, blue tourmaline is a particularly rare colour of tourmaline and is often only found in sizes under 1 carat. Our Blue Tourmaline Ring features a 2.75 carat octagonal-cut tourmaline, which has been set in a chunky 18k Yellow Gold band. 

Please note that it is made to order, with a 6-week production time.

Berlin: Blue Tourmaline Ring - Minka Jewels
Berlin: Blue Tourmaline Ring Sale price£5,250.00