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Berlin: 3.16ct Gypsy Sapphire Ring

3.16ct Sapphire (No Heat)
0.40ct Diamonds
18k Yellow Gold

This collection distils the beauty and glamour of 1920s Berlin into a series of dazzling cocktail rings, all crafted from 18k gold. Each piece features a vibrant, geometrically cut gemstone to reflect the linear forms that dominated the Bauhaus movement of the time and is inscribed with a hand-engraved feather as a nod to the city’s infamously opulent cabaret scene.

When the actress Josephine Baker visited Berlin in 1925, she found herself enchanted. “The city had a jewel-like sparkle, especially at night." 

This ring is set with a beautiful, emerald-cut 3.16 carat sapphire (untreated), and tapered baguette Diamonds.

Sapphires are part of the Corundum family (Ruby's & Sapphires). They are 9 on the Moh's hardness scale so are a fantastic hardness for all jewellery. 

No Heat - this is a term used for sapphires that have not had any heat treatment. Heat treatment is a common market practise to help improve the colour of the stone. Only a small handful of sapphires are no heat treated, this makes them more sought after and more expensive. 

"Berlin shines in a glamour that Paris doesn’t know" – Robert Nippoldt

How to Style It:
Our pieces are designed to be seen and loved every day, no matter what you wear them with. Create the perfect curated effect by layering it with your existing heirlooms, or let it stand alone as an eye-catching statement piece.

This stunning ring makes a chic alternative to a traditional engagement ring. Pair with the Mermaid Diamond Eternity Ring for the ultimate wedding stack.

Ring size: O

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Use a little warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush to gently lift any dirt from the gemstone and gold.

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