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Athena: 3.75ct Oval Pink Tourmaline Pendant on our Chunky Chain Necklace

18k Yellow Gold
3.75ct Pink Tourmaline 

From the Athena collection, this bold and beautiful necklace takes its inspiration from the sweeping lines of classical Greek architecture.

It is handcrafted in 18k yellow gold and set with a one-of-a-kind 3.75ct oval-cut, vivid pink Tourmaline. The pendant is on a clip so is removable and can be bought separately. 

This is an exceptional oval-shaped pink gemstone, also known as Rubellite, which is a type of Tourmaline. Its colour is a flawless shade of intense pink that is truly unique.

How to Style It: 
Our pieces are designed to be seen and loved every day, no matter what you wear them with. Create the perfect curated effect by layering it with your existing heirlooms, or let it stand alone as an eye-catching statement piece. You can even combine it with our White Diamond Earrings for a modern take on the classic jewellery set.  

Paraiba tourmalines are an intense neon blue, with hints of green or yellow. They are one of the rarest forms of tourmaline and own their colour to trace elements of copper.

Necklace length: 18 inches

Use a little warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush to gently lift any dirt from the gemstone and gold.

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