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3 Band: 3.80ct Sapphire & Diamond Ring

18kt Yellow Gold
Blue Sapphire
White Diamonds

This beautiful hand made ring is set with the most incredible 3.80ct Sri Lankan sapphire, it has a small inclusion inside the stone that is just visible. True Cornflower blue colour and 4.5mm round diamonds, 0.72ct white diamonds.

Sri Lankan Sapphire, Corn Flower Blue no heat

What is 'No Heat' - A sapphire is commonly heated to help improve colour (this is no bad thing and totally accepted in the trade) but when you source a 'no heat' this means it came out of the ground this colour and didn't need improving - it makes the sapphire even rarer and even more sought after.

Approximately only 0.5 - 1% of the sapphires discovered are of gem quality without treatment. Natural untreated sapphires are far more uncommon and valuable than treated and chemically altered stones.

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