Gemstones are little treasures from the earth, made over thousands, or even millions of years, deep within the ground. Certain minerals happen to be in the perfect place with ideal heat and pressure to make the world's finest gemstones. Here's how we make a Minka piece from stone to delivery.

Choose the right stone

We work closely with our network of stone traders in London's Hatton Garden to source the most vibrant gemstones. Each stone is thoroughly inspected to ensure a perfect colour and properly balanced cut.

Design the piece

Our design process is organic, starting with inspiration from the gemstones themselves; the colour, shape and feelings that they evoke. 

Truth be told we often walk around with stones (safely wrapped up) in a pocket in order to see them in different lights and get inspired! We also peek under the microscope looking for any interesting inclusions that might tell something about the stone's origin.

We then get to hand sketching, drawing and painting the design. Our designs are not overly fussy - simple clean lines and a good amount of gold. Ultimately the stone should do the talking while the gold gives it a platform.

Make it beautiful

Once the design is complete we pass it on to our goldsmiths who spend 3-4 weeks bringing it to life. When the goldsmiths finish, the piece is hallmarked, polished and delivered to its lucky owner.