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VCH x Minka

VCH x Minka

British fine jeweller Minka Jewels is delighted to announce the collaboration with sustainable fashion advocate, stylist and writer Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey founder of VCH Style. Minka has worked with Ginnie to design an innovative transformable necklace which combines Lucy’s love of exceptional coloured gemstones with Ginnie’s obsession with quality and durability. 

Versatility is also at the heart of this collaboration: Lucy and Ginnie have created a beaded necklace that works with both a bikini or a blazer.

The necklace has been cleverly designed, made up of two detachable parts that can be clipped in and out and interchanged with other purchasable strands, creating a multi-functional necklace that can be various colours and lengths. The interchangeable aspect of the necklace allows you to add additional strands of beads to your collection to transcend seasons and outfit choices.

Precious gemstone beads including malachite, amazonite, chalcedony and kyanite which were hand-picked by Lucy and Ginnie for their colour and exceptional quality. With two 14k yellow gold clasps and a detachable gold disc that can be personalised with an initial engraving. 

 Provenance and responsible sourcing was a priority for both Lucy and Ginnie when designing the collection and the result is a beautifully hand-crafted, vibrant and super versatile piece which Lucy and Ginnie hope will appeal to all generations.

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