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Bridal: Athena old cut diamond ring

3.05ct Old Cut diamond 
18k yellow gold 
Size: M

We are so excited to introduce the latest addition to our much loved Athena collection  - a 3.05ct old mine cut diamond 18y Athena ring. Old cut diamonds have been hand cut and their facets are a little bigger, allowing the light to bounce around inside the stones beautifully. Old diamonds have not been mined for in the same way; they are often found in alluvial deposits, which means with natural erosions, they have made their way to river beds. There is something so special and romantic about an old cut and we are so excited to feature them in this collection.

Inspired by the sweeping lines of classical Greek architecture, our Athena rings feature 18k yellow gold step detailing, giving the diamond an elevated platform from which to shine.

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