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Article: The Month Of The Diamond; The Magic Of An Old Cut

The Month Of The Diamond; The Magic Of An Old Cut

The Month Of The Diamond; The Magic Of An Old Cut

With the month of the diamond upon us, we’re shining a spotlight on our collection of old cuts. Old Mine cut diamonds are such a special choice when investing in diamonds, here’s why:

Unparalleled Beauty

Owing to their larger facets, higher table facet and hand cut nature, old cut diamonds have a very distinctive and mesmerising beauty that is hard to find elsewhere. Whilst brilliant cut diamonds have been cut to create optimum sparkle, the features of an old cut contribute to a mesmerising play of light - a particularly special sparkle in sunlight, and a deep, warm glow under candlelight. Their irregular facets, soft glimmer, and romantic allure make them unmatched in both personality and elegance.

Stones That Tell A Story

Old cut diamonds hold a particular charm and character that sets them apart from modern cuts. Each old cut diamond carries a piece of history, reflecting the time period and cultural influences in which it was crafted and connecting its wearer to the past. Representing traditional craftsmanship and artisanal skill, the preservation of these stones contributes to the cultural heritage of jewellery-making traditions and gives these stones a new lease of life, and a new story. 

A Conscious Cut

Whilst lab grown diamonds have sparked increasing interest over the years, gaining widespread reputation for being a particularly sustainable option when investing in a diamond, we stand by the idea that the greenest diamond is one that already exists. Old mine cut diamonds are essentially recycled gemstones. They were mined and cut decades or even centuries ago, often in an era before modern mining practices and technologies. By purchasing and wearing old mine cut diamonds, we can contribute to a circular economy - the recycling and reuse of existing resources, reducing the demand for newly mined diamonds and the associated environmental and social impacts.

A Modern Heirloom 

Old mine cut diamonds have stood the test of time, demonstrating their durability and timeless appeal. When properly cared for, these diamonds can be passed down through generations, increasing in sentimentality, historical significance and value as they go. At Minka Jewels we’re all about creating modern heirloom-worthy jewellery, pieces that will be treasured forever and ever.



There is a personality to these stones that you only really understand when you look at them in person - book in to see their magic for yourself. We also have a wonderful collection of loose old cuts - ready to be set into the jewellery of your dreams.

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