Minka Berlin Gypsy ring teal tourmaline gold
Engagement Ring trends that will dominate 2023

Who What Wear features Minka's Berlin: Gypsy Teal Tourmaline Ring in their edit of engagement ring trends that will dominate this year.

Editor Maxine Eggenberger says, "Over the years, the engagement ring market has broken many of its own rules and now offers an incredible array of rings to suit any wearer. The one downside to this, however, is knowing where to start your search. From cuts to carats, colours to clusters, there are more engagement ring styles out there than ever. So, I thought it would be a good idea to speak to an esteemed panel of experts to find our which engagement ring trends for 2023 they're backing."

One of the 7 trends mentioned was a Kaleidoscope Colours. "More than ever, clients are searching for something different to traditional engagement rings, with the brief being for a piece that will stand out from the crowd. Coloured stones do this perfectly. I have found that the main request from my clients is for vibrant coloured stones rather than diamonds" enlightens Lucy Crowther, founder of Minka Jewels.

Berlin: Gypsy Teal Tourmaline Ring, £8,250
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