Vogue India features Minka's Berlin Earrings in their November Horoscope
Vogue India has included Minka's Berlin Blue Sapphire and Diamond Earrings in their November Horoscope.
"We’re in the last leg of 2022, which means your November horoscope predictions for the Scorpio season are in too. Frankly, there is no escaping the grind this month. With the law of duality constantly at play, you will see impending endings and fresh beginnings taking place simultaneously and at a rapid pace, Leo. Capricorn, this month the cards are urging you to reach out to your soul family and lean on them when things get hard. If you’ve been thinking about paying a visit to an ashram or a sacred place as a way of connecting with your own divine nature, your birthday month is the time to plan a visit, Scorpio. Let the stars and your November horoscope guide you as you step into a new phase and month." 
Berlin Blue Sapphire and Diamond Earrings, £8,000
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