Tatler’s Jewellery Editor features Minka’s Berlin Gypsy Ring

Tatler’s Jewellery Editor Charlie Miller has included Minka’s Emerald Berlin Gypsy Ring in a feature about May’s birthstone, the Emerald. ‘Emeralds have been capturing our attention for thousands of years; from Cleopatra, whose likeness was carved into emeralds, through the jewelled splendour of the Spanish court, and of course the magnificence of Mughal rulers for whom emerald represented the colour of paradise,’ she wrote. ‘Prized for their rich colour, along with their aura of power and privilege, they have adorned some of the most famous women in history, heiresses, film stars, and a multitude of Maharanis.’

Charlie included Minka’s Emerald Berlin Gypsy Ring, which is made to order and has an emerald-cut emerald, along with 0.4 carat tapered baguette diamonds. As the emerald is a member of the Beryl family, it comes in a range of different hues, and is set in a 18kt yellow gold band. The Berlin collection is a series of dazzling cocktail rings, inspired by the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s, with a vibrant, geometrically cut gemstone and linear form.

Emerald Berlin Gypsy Ring, £12,250 

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