Why The New Proposal Trend is For Two Engagement Rings

Why have one engagement ring when you can have two? The new trend is to propose with a ‘placeholder’ before splashing out on the real deal



The Sunday Times Style magazine recently featured Minka's Aquamarine Mermaid Ring in its special wedding issue, entitled the Cool Bride’s Guide.

Stylist Jessica Diamond wrote an article about the new proposal trend for two engagement rings. ‘First: buy a “proposal ring” (yes, it’s a thing) that will act as a stand-in engagement ring when you pop the question,’ she said. ‘Next: embark on the purchase of the engagement ring together, whether that’s a ready-made piece or commissioned from a jeweller. The latter may seem daunting but all the designers we’ve featured will walk you through the process, give countless options and tease out of you exactly what you like … together.’

Minka’s Mermaid Ring, whose design is inspired by the curves of a mermaid’s tail, was featured in ‘The Main Event’ section, as a suggestion for an engagement ring you could buy together following a proposal. Minka’s Lucy Crowther is always happy to work with her clients to create a design and style that perfectly suits them.

Aquamarine Mermaid Ring, £4,500

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