Jewellery design magazine Something About Rocks recently included one of Minka’s Mermaid Rings in its piece about the March birthstone, Aquamarine. Author Kim Parker wrote that ‘the gemstones - a form of beryl which ranges from palest ice through to dark ocean blue - have also been associated with calming and soothing human moods.’ The blue gemstone was believed to be a talisman by fishermen and sailors ‘to ward off seasickness and to protect against shipwreck’.

Aquamarines are among the world’s most popular gemstones and, as well as being March’s birthstone, are associated with 19th wedding anniversaries. Minka’s Aquamarine and Diamond Mermaid Ring was included in the edit. It comes with a 3.60ct aquamarine and 0.50ct diamonds, set in 18kt yellow gold. The oceanic theme is continued as the design of this ring is inspired by the shape of a mermaid’s tail. 

Aquamarine and Diamond Mermaid Ring; £4,500

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