Something About Rocks features Minka’s new Dancing Turtles collection
Something About Rocks recently wrote about Minka’s brand-new Dancing Turtles collection, 10% of the sales from which go to the Marine Conservation Society, which protects endangered turtles in the Caribbean. 
“Minka, the British fine jewellery brand, introduces its new Turtle collection,” they wrote. “A one-of-a-kind collection of necklaces featuring hand-made gold turtles on a variety of chains, they are made from recycled 18ct yellow gold with diamonds and gemstones.” 
The charms come in yellow gold and are set with a trillion-cut gemstone. The turtles themselves are articulated so they give the impression of dancing when they’re worn. There’s a choice of emerald, sapphire, tourmaline or diamond in the shell, or the option to go bespoke with an alternative stone. They can also be bought with a chain or cord or designed to go on a favourite necklace.
Dancing Turtle Collection, from £1650.
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