National Jeweler suggests Minka’s Mantra Necklace as a Mother’s Day gift
US magazine National Jeweler recently suggested Minka’s Mantra Necklace as a gorgeous gift for Mother’s Day. Jewel aficionado Amanda Gizzi wrote: ‘Moms. They are the taxi drivers, tear driers, lunch makers, hug givers, sports sideline cheerleaders, dance bow makers, and hard workers from sunup to sundown to give their kids the best future possible.’ She then went on to pick her 15 favourite pieces that she predicted would become family heirlooms.
On this exclusive list was our Mantra necklace, a yellow gold and diamond amulet, which is meant to strengthen and empower the wearer with its positive message and energy (a gift all mums need!). It can be customised with three words, chosen especially for your mum, or come already engraved with mantras such as ‘Health, Love & Happiness’.
Mantra necklace, from £650
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