Minka’s Lucy Crowther was recently interviewed for Country & Town House for a feature on the new designers revolutionising the jewellery industry. The article, written by the appropriately named Jessica Diamond, looked at how affordable, fine jewellery brands headed up by women have burst onto the scene in recent years. ‘This new, relaxed style invites a sling-on and wear-anything attitude,’ she wrote. ‘This is jewellery for all day, every day; a natural, easy extension of personal style for all ages.’ Lucy spoke about how she’s noticed many transactions coming through Instagram since the beginning of 2020. ‘I think because of lockdown people had more time on their hands. And, after the year we’ve had, people are treating themselves too.’ As well as Lucy’s comments, the magazine featured Minka’s Mint Green Tourmaline & Diamond Mermaid Ring, an example of the ‘cocktail rings for every day’ which the designer is so famous for.

Green Tourmaline & Diamond Mermaid Ring; £8,250

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