Luxury London features Minka in Best British Jewellers feature

Luxury London recently included Minka Jewels in an article about homegrown jewellery talents. “There are plenty of masterful fine jewellery houses to choose from on our own fair shores, drawing on a British jewellery tradition that dates back to ancient times,” wrote author Zoe Gunn. “From Hatton Garden stalwarts to independent designers putting a modern twist on British jewellery traditions, meet the UK’s best homegrown jewellers.”
The feature went on to talk extensively about Minka Jewels: “Founded by former photographer Lucy Crowther and based between workshops in Birmingham and Hatton Garden, Minka takes its name from Crowther’s jewellery aficionado grandmothers – Minnie and Katrina – and aims to create timeless pieces with exceptional stones at their heart.”
Luxury London continued to rave about the brand, saying: “As well as a thriving bespoke business, Minka’s pieces trade on Crowther’s background as a gem trader and are characterised by exquisite and unusual coloured stones in hues of vibrant pink, tropical teal and forest green. If you manage to add just one to your wishlist you’re stronger than us.”
And Lucy Crowther was quoted in the piece too: “I love that we work and produce in the UK. It is a real honour to be working with exceptionally talented craftsmen and championing the ‘Best of British’ is something I am really proud of and think our clients really love this about our designs.” 
“Everything is made by hand in the UK so when you purchase a Minka piece you are supporting the wonderfully talented UK-based workshops which have a real history to them.”
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