UAE L’Officiel’s Profile On Minka’s Lucy Crowther
UAE L’Officiel Magazine recently did a profile on Minka and its founder Lucy Crowther. The Arabian fashion bible described Minka as combining ‘simple, organic design with vibrant coloured gemstones to create a very statement aesthetic that is all about colour’. Lucy was quoted in the piece, talking about the inspiration behind her business: ‘For me, it’s all about using the best gemstones in rich, irresistible hues. I love modern, simple settings that showcase these stones to the very best effect and allow them to do all the talking. I create precious pieces, designed to be loved and worn every day.’

The feature included Minka’s Aquamarine Tourmaline Berlin Gypsy Ring, the Sapphire & Diamond Gypsy Berlin Ring and the Yellow Gold, Chrysoprase & Pearl Mermaid Hoops. It also described Lucy’s design aesthetic as ‘unfussy and organic’, adding: ‘She wants the stones to take centre-stage.’ It continued to heap praise on Minka, saying: ‘Each piece is hand-made in Lucy’s UK workshops by a team of exceptionally talented craftsmen. Each design is one-of-a-kind, just as each stone that Lucy selects. While designs can be repeated, no stone is ever exactly the same.’

Chrysoprase & Pearl Mermaid Hoop Earrings, £2,750

Aquamarine Tourmaline Gypsy Berlin Ring, £7,250

Sapphire & Diamond Gypsy Berlin Ring, £15,000



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