These are the 10 engagement ring trends that will be everywhere in 2023, according to the experts

GLAMOUR magazine featured Minka's Mermaid: Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring in their round-up of the 10 engagement ring trends for 2023. Charlie Teather shares 10 top trends we'll see in 2023. Minka features in two of those trends: Coloured Stones and Bold design. 

“Colour is king at Minka,” said Lucy Crowther, Founder of Minka Jewels. “We
have been seeing a real surge in interest in rare and wonderful coloured stones this year. Clients are coming to us having done some research into what they want and what they think will stand out and be unique. It really is so wonderful to be given a brief by a client who has a clear idea of what they want and it makes the hunt for the stone all the more exciting.”

“Bold designs and big statement rings are very in demand at the moment,”
revealed Minka's Lucy Crowther. “Our clients are looking for something adventurous, unapologetic and unique that really reflects their personality. Bold designs often have more gold which can help protect the gemstones from general wear and tear too, so they’re a win-win.”

Minka's Mermaid: Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring, £4,500

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