Minka’s Berlin Gypsy Ring included in Forbes’ Emerald feature
Forbes recently celebrated the brilliance of emeralds, the birthstone of May. ‘It was Queen Victoria’s birthstone and Marlene Dietrich’s favorite gem,’ wrote contributor Beth Bernstein. ‘It has been showing up on the red carpet, predominately in earrings and in large statement pieces. It’s a gem with unique character and personality in its ranges in color from deep vivid green to lighter subtler hues and its ability to transcend styles from the more classic to edgy, feminine to bold, regal to rock and roll.’ Emeralds conjure up springtime, rejuvenation and the natural greenery that’s all around, so it’s a well-chosen birthstone for the time of year. The Minka ring featured was a Deep Green Tourmaline Berlin Gypsy Ring and the article declared: ‘Minka Jewels offers simplicity at its best in the modern classic, based on form and function and the streamlined settings of flush set gypsy rings.’

Deep Green Tourmaline Berlin Gypsy Ring, £8,550


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