Elle France champions Minka’s Gypsy Ring in Engagement Ring article
Minka has always garnered international attention and, most recently, Elle France included our Sapphire Gypsy Berlin Ring in its feature on the trend for gypsy rings as engagement pieces. ‘Engagement rings in 2022 no longer have anything to do with the rococo jewellery that we may have known. Today, to get engaged or just to be stylish, we show off with modern rings,’ they wrote. ‘Engagement rings are a category in their own right on the shelves of our favourite jewellers.’ The article talked about how the traditional engagement ring is being swapped for something much more contemporary. ‘In the collective unconscious, it is a gold ring embellished with a large precious stone. Seen and reviewed, this ring has tired us over the decades....’ they said. ‘2022 being the year of renewal, new forms of engagement rings are appearing. Avant-garde jewellery, imbued with a touch of retro or minimalist that will sublimate all hands, even those of single people. So here are 6 engagement ring trends that caught our eye in 2022.’

The article went on to talk about the Gypsy Ring in particular, describing it as ‘characterized by its particular shape’. The piece was illustrated with Minka’s Sapphire and Diamond Gypsy Berlin Ring. ‘Indeed, the oval stone is embedded in the metal. The ring is a bit wider and thicker for an almost masculine-feminine side. A ring that stands the test of trends...,’ it added.

Minka’s Sapphire & Diamond Gypsy Berlin Ring, £15,000

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