Country Life featured Minka’s Sapphire & Diamond Mermaid Ring in a jewellery feature called ‘Colour Me Beautiful’. CL’s Hetty Lintell raved about this ‘gentle giant of the gemstone world’, while Antiques Roadshow fine jewellery expert Joanna Hardy revealed: ‘Sapphire is a reminder of truth, transparency, fidelity, constancy and honesty.’ All of which make it the ideal stone for an engagement ring. The ring featured was a handcrafted Sapphire & Diamond Mermaid Ring with a 3-carat sapphire and 0.8 carat diamonds, set in 18k yellow gold. Its design is inspired by the elegant shape of a mermaid’s tail, while its gemstone conjures up the deep blue sea.

Sapphire & Diamond Mermaid Ring; £14,000

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