Berlin: Gypsy Aquamarine Ring with diamond and gold
The Engagement Ring Trends You’ll See Everywhere In 2023

British Vogue featured Minka's Berlin: Gypsy Aquamarine Ring in piece about engagement ring trends we will see everywhere in 2023. Editor, Alice Carey, provided an in depth round up of the key trends in engagement rings this year. She shares, "Partners have put their hearts and souls into engagement rings this year. Uniqueness has been a common theme; from spectacular gemstones to meaningful stories behind design choices. Whether bespoke or bought from a big-brand jeweller, consumers have gravitated towards rings with a difference."
Alice goes on to say "It’s hard to ignore the environmental and ethical consequences that come with making a purchase – and jewellers are on a mission to ensure as minimal impact as possible." Founder of Minka Jewels commented “Clients are definitely doing a bit of research before coming to us, which is a great thing. It allows them to explore the sort of designs they like and also have a bit of an idea of the price of some of the gemstones which can vary so much.”
Berlin: Gypsy Aquamarine Ring, £7,250
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